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What is a sump pump?

A sump pump is a pump specially designed to prevent basements from flooding. While they are common place in many homes, many Australians have never heard of them. These pumps sit in a gravel lined pit referred to as sump pits. They are usually around half a metre deep and wide, allowing water to drain into the pit via drainage systems, where the pump then redirects the water out and away from the home.

Are there different types of sump pumps?

Yes, there are a range of different sump pumps that you can have installed into your home by a licenced plumber. Most sump pumps are activated by a pressure sensor or float activator when the sump pit fills with water, although you can get manual sump pumps.
The two most common designs are submersible and pedestal. In submersible pumps, the pump sits in the pit and comes in waterproof casing. This design has its outlet situated on top of the pump, with the main mechanism at the very bottom. In pedestal pumps the pump sits outside the pit and then uses an inlet pipe to draw water out of the pit and into the pump.

Which homes require sump pumps?

The design and layout of your home will dictate whether you require a sump pump in your home. Sump pumps are a great investment for homes that are in low-lying areas or regions that receive heavy snow that melts quickly. They are also recommended in areas that are prone to flooding and heavy rains, as these pumps can significantly reduce the amount of water damage in these situations.
Sump pumps can also reduce the amount of dampness in your basements, reducing humidity levels and preventing build ups of mould and mildew.
If you’re struggling with a flooding or damp basement, you should invest in professional waterproofing. At Classic Waterproofing we specialise in commercial and residential waterproofing for all budgets. We can come out to your Gold Coast property and advise you on the best way to keep your basement dry.

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