Modern waterproofing membrane systems are aimed towards protecting building structures from water ingress.

Building materials that are subject to moisture or water have a considerably shorter lifespan due to erosion. It is essential that appropriate measures are taken to avoid long term structural damage that could be a safety hazard at worst and cause costly damage at best.


Water damage can cause many problems including:

  • Rotting of timber
  • Corrosion of metals or reinforced steel
  • Swelling of cabinetry and architraves
  • Electrical hazards
  • Paint blistering and paintwork damage
  • Rotting of carpets
  • Health problems cause by damp or mold
  • Deterioration of structural facades

Waterproofing is typically applied using Sheet or liquid membranes. Both have their pros and cons. At Classic Waterproofing, we have the knowledge and experience to advise you on the best course of action when it comes to waterproofing. We work with Australian National Building codes to ensure that any waterproofing we undertake is done to the highest standard possible and compliant with AS3740 & AS4858.

Membrane waterproofing

Even the best waterproofing membrane needs an experienced installer to make sure it works to the best of its capacity. Membranes must be flexible enough to accommodate the natural movement within a building. A membrane must be able to prevent water getting in or out. A membrane also needs to be long lasting once it has been installed so that it continues to perform well for many years.

In some instances, waterproofing membrane needs to be able to breathe and allow for moisture or vapour to escape. It also needs to work in with other building materials such as adhesives, renders, paints and of course climate and weather conditions.

Liquid waterproofing

Liquid membranes are typically acrylic, latex, cement based, polyurethane, epoxy-based, or bitumen based.

When choosing a waterproofer make sure you choose someone with a current waterproofing license.

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