Shower Waterproofing Gold Coast

Do you have a leaking shower? Do you need shower waterproofing for your bathroom renovations? Whatever the reason, Classic Waterproofing Gold Coast can help.


If you’re planning to do any waterproofing in your home, make sure it meets Australian Standards and comes with a written guarantee. DIY is a common approach for homeowners looking to save on costly renovations. When it comes to waterproofing however, it’s best left to an experienced waterproofer because in Queensland all waterproofing done in a home needs to be done by a licensed and qualified waterproofer.

If not done correctly waterproofing can cause long term problems such as mold right through to collapsing floors.

Make sure any waterproofing work you get done comes with a written guarantee of at least 6.5 years for workmanship. This is the minimum guarantee required by law for waterproofing. When done correctly, waterproofing should last much longer than the warranty.

We have a range of waterproofing products suitable for most situations and we’re happy to explain our process and advise you of the most appropriate waterproofing solution for you.

At Classic Waterproofing, we not only comply with the standard required workmanship guarantee, we also provide a manufacturer’s guarantee on the products we use.

We are available for all Gold Coast clients from residential clients to commercial and industrial clients. We can be contacted for remedial waterproofing or newly installed waterproofing. Call us for a free quote or to find out how we can help you with any of your waterproofing needs.

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