Retaining Walls

Waterproofing for retaining walls

Retaining walls can be found in homes and buildings. A retaining wall is a wall that is designed to hold back water or earth. There are four main types of retaining walls; gravity walls, cantilever walls, anchored walls, and reinforced walls. At Classic Waterproofing, we can help you with waterproofing for whatever type of retaining wall you have.


In a home a retaining wall can be used as a support for a basement structure or in a garden to hold back soil in cases where there is a dramatic change in elevation. Whether the retaining wall is for aesthetic reasons or for functional reasons, it is still important that is safe. For this reason, getting an expert waterproofer for the job is necessary. Having adequate drainage is unfortunately not enough to prevent water seeping through and into the structure.

We also do waterproofing for retaining walls on commercial and industrial buildings. We have the expertise to assist you with waterproofing for retaining walls used for structures such as swimming pools, water features and tanks. We are used to working in environments common in commercial and industrial settings and to deadlines. We aim to get the job done right first time every time with the minimum amount of disruption to your project.

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