Remedial waterproofing Gold Coast

In older homes and buildings remedial waterproofing is used to provide a solution to a problem that involves water ingress. If a repair is done to fix a leak without applying a waterproofing membrane, the water ingress problem will almost certainly recur. This happens if the cause is a crack that has simply been sealed up because all buildings have movement and the crack is very likely to open up again and cause the same water ingress problems.


The solution is of course waterproofing. And that’s where Classic Waterproofing can help you.

Remedial waterproofing for buildings

There are many external areas in buildings that are susceptible to water ingress. Common problem areas include cracks in walls and expansion joints, around windows, wet areas, kitchens, toilets, floors, and balconies.

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We provide all types of remedial waterproofing for domestic, commercial, and industrial clients on the Gold Coast.

At Classic Waterproofing, we have the experience, skills, and equipment to solve virtually any waterproofing problem. We guarantee all our work and all the products we use come with their own manufacturer’s warranty.

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