Podium waterproofing Gold Coast

The section at the base of a building that bears its own structure or is distinctly different from the structure around it, can be classified as a podium.

On the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coasts, many high-rise buildings incorporate roof gardens (green roofing) or roof top swimming pools in areas commonly known as a plaza. For these structures, it is vital that professional waterproofing is done and done correctly.


A waterproofer must consider many factors including natural building movement, drainage and even landscaping. In new buildings, a podium can be built for the purpose of accommodating landscaping, a children’s playground, swimming pool, sports area and even a car park. Professional waterproofing is designed to prevent leaking and keep out water. Along with protecting the structure from water leakage, waterproofing can also protect the structural elements from damage caused by corrosion.

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