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In a home, your bathroom is one room where waterproofing is essential. Bathroom waterproofing is usually done at the time when the bathroom is first built however, it can also be applied to exiting bathrooms where leaking is occurring.


Leaking bathrooms can cause costly damage to the structure of a building over a long term, so getting an expert in to assess the damage and ensure proper waterproofing is in place is critical.

At Classic Waterproofing, we can accommodate all situations where bathroom waterproofing is required. New and existing homes, offices, and commercial buildings.

If your bathroom is on a second level or higher, Australian regulations require the entire bathroom floor to be waterproofed. For ground floor bathrooms with wood flooring, regulations also require that the entire bathroom floor is subject to waterproofing by a qualified waterproofer.

In Queensland and in NSW, any waterproofing done in a residential home must be carried out by a licensed waterproofer. A qualified waterproofer in Australia is trained in the proper application of waterproofing systems in accordance with Australian Standards and guidelines.

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If you notice any signs of water damage or leaking in your bathroom it may be due to old and damaged waterproofing or even waterproofing that was not laid correctly in the first place. Signs of water leakage can include rotting or warped timber structures, plasterboard decay, mold, mildew and even peeling paint can be a tell-tale sign.

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