Basement Waterproofing Gold Coast

While a basement can be a good way to help maximise the floor space they are not very common in Australian homes. Some low set houses are built in to give them the added space of a basement but generally in Australia, basements are found in commercial buildings.


Basements and cellars can be prone to damp but most basements will suffer from water ingress at some stage. In some cases, a basement may also require a drainage system to be put in place. Building structures that are built at or under ground level are likely to suffer from water that rises up from the ground and into wall and floor structures. This type of water ingress can force water through cracks and expansion joints and can cause mold, concrete decay and other moisture related factors that can cause structural integrity problems.

Our waterproofing solutions

For basements where external waterproofing is too expensive or simply not possible we can provide a waterproofing solution that does not require any earth works.

Waterproofing has grown to be a very important part of the building industry. In cities, such as the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coasts where high rises and buildings are common place, having good waterproofing is essential. Whatever waterproofing type your basement needs we can accommodate it with the right product.

We are happy to come out and check your basement waterproofing and advise you on the best way to make sure your basement is waterproof. Call us for new or remedial basement waterproofing and we’ll be happy to offer you a free no-obligation quote or answer any questions.

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