Balcony Waterproofing Gold Coast

At Classic Waterproofing, we have the experience and expertise to provide balcony and terrace waterproofing for new builds and existing buildings or structures. We cater for the domestic, commercial, and industrial market on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast.


Poor drainage is one of the common causes of water damage on balconies and terraces. This is common especially with older homes and buildings. As with all materials, structures are subject to thermal deformation, dynamic deformation, and shrinkage deformation during their lifetime.

We have a range of quality waterproofing systems that enable us to repair existing waterproofing or provide new waterproofing. We can provide waterproofing for different surfaces including brick and concrete or sealing of joints around tiles. Waterproofing need not look unattractive, we have decorative waterproofing available.

Our waterproofing services are also perfect for courtyards, driveways pool areas, water features, and ponds. Our waterproofing is suitable for internal and external use.

Our quality waterproofing membranes are built to withstand extreme heat and cold.

Poor waterproofing workmanship can cost you much time and money so it’s worth getting right the first time. All our work is done to Australian standards by fully trained and qualified waterproofing specialists. We guarantee all our work for 6 and half years and all our products come with a manufacturer’s guarantee that ranges between 7 years and 15 years.

Call us Monday to Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm and talk to the experts about your balcony waterproofing project.

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