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While you may think that water leaks are always easy to detect, it’s not always the case. Many water leaks can hide behind walls, under floor boards or seep down from the roof or from your home’s exterior. To help you root out signs of water leaks, here are some handy tips from the team at Classic Waterproofing.

Standing or pooling water

The most obvious sign of a water leak is standing or pooling water. This usually appears at the bottom of appliances (such as dishwashers, toilets or washing machines) or beneath a leaking roof. If you find pools of water, it is essential to turn off your water mains and gets the water off your floor to prevent any further damage to your home.


One of the most obvious signs of water leaks are water spots and stains. Water damage usually presents as yellow, brown or coppery coloured spots and can be either wet or dry. Usually the discolouration is darkest around the edges of the stain.

Textural changes

On walls and ceilings, you may notice bubbling, cracking or peeling paint as well as discolouration. When it comes to wooden or laminate flooring, you may notice warping (gaps between floorboards or edge curling), buckling (one side of the material facing upwards), sagging (soft spots) or expansion (areas of swelling).


If your flooring, ceilings or walls have experienced water damage, the damp will eventually result in mould and mildew (especially in the humid climate of the Gold Coast). This may result in visual discolouration in the form of black or grey spots or a noticeable musty, damp smelling odour.
If you believe you have a water leak, call a plumber as soon as possible to rule out the possibility of faulty or damaged pipes. If there is no discernible cause found, then you may need the help of a professional waterproofer. Ideal for bathrooms, crawl spaces, roofs and foundations, waterproofing will protect your home from water damage while reducing levels of humidity. For more information, call Classic Waterproofing today. Our team have a range of waterproofing solutions to suit every home and budget.

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