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Many renovators are so desperate to update the look of their bathroom that they use up their entire budget on new tiles and fixtures and forget to invest in the foundation of their bathroom – waterproofing. Whether you’re updating your bathroom or building new, quality waterproofing is key to any bathroom design. Here’s why it’s so important.

Prevent leaks

Water follows gravity and will search for the quickest and easiest route downwards. Even the smallest weak crack in your floor or walls or gap in your sealant can provide water a point to seep through. Overtime this will make its way into your foundations or ground floor. By fully waterproofing, you can keep your bathroom completely watertight and avoid costly water damage.

Prevents mould and mildew

While you can see spots of mould and mildew developing on your walls and ceilings, you can’t see the mould build-ups that occur beneath tiles or plaster. This occurs if water manages to seep through your top layer (tiles or other flooring). By adding a waterproof barrier between your top layer and other surfaces you can prevent mould and mildew from growing altogether.

Insulate the space

Not only does waterproofing prevent leaks and dampness, it also acts as an insulator, providing more warmth during winter months. By installing waterproofing, you can keep your bathroom temperatures more consistent and reduce heating during winter.

Increase your property value

One of the things potential homebuyers look for are fully waterproofed bathrooms. By installing waterproofing, you can use it as a selling point for your home, while ensuring building inspectors do not find signs of moisture.
So, if you’re renovating your Gold Coast bathroom, make sure you invest in quality waterproofing from a certified Australian waterproofer. At Classic Waterproofing we offer a range of waterproofing solutions for both first storey and second storey homes. Whatever your budget or design, we have the solution for you.

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