Our Gold Coast waterproofing frequently asked questions

If you have a question about remedial waterproofing or new waterproofing give us a call. We’re happy to offer expert advice and free no-obligation quotes on any size waterproofing job on the Gold Coast. Here are our most frequently asked waterproofing questions.

Yes, it is possible to repair the leak from the inside without the hassle of getting in machinery to destroy your outdoor areas. We can use epoxy or hydrophilic crack injection; positive side membranes are also an option. The best bet is to have one of our specialists come out and inspect the job before settling on a specific system.

Yes and no. The principle remains the same i.e. to install a system that prevents moisture penetration of the building. The major difference is the amount of waterproofing systems required complete a commercial building.

Depending on the membrane system used on your site, the answer can vary from the very same day to 3 days from the application of the first coat.