Domestic waterproofing Gold Coast

At Classic Waterproofing, we offer a complete waterproofing solution for new and existing homes, units, and apartments on the Gold Coast.


Our waterproofing solutions are perfect for any area of your home (internal or external) that has water ingress problems.

Common indoor areas in homes that need waterproofing are wet areas such as bathrooms, laundries, and shower areas. We can work to provide waterproofing applications specially to match with the manufacturer’s specifications or a quality liquid membrane. We will fully test that everything is waterproof after completing the process so you can be confident your building is protected.

Outdoor areas are also prone to leaking. Damage caused by water leaking can cause structural problems which if left untreated can be costly and pose safety risks. Poor construction of balconies is one of the most common areas we treat for waterproofing. We can do professional waterproofing for other outdoor areas in your home such as, ponds, spa, and pool areas, and retaining walls.

Need a professional domestic waterproofer on the Gold Coast?

We are professionally trained and qualified waterproofers. We have a range of waterproofing systems to suit virtually any need, including taking into account aesthetics.

We always work in compliance with Australian regulations and best practices and are members of QBCC (Queensland Building and Construction Commission) and MBA (Master Builders Association).

Our waterproofing systems are professionally installed and all come with product and workmanship guarantees. You can call us enquiries or for free quotes and bookings.

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