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If you’re a commercial property owner, then you’ll understand the importance of reducing maintenance costs and preventing unforeseen damage. When it comes to commercial roofs, even the smallest leak can cause serious damage, but then again, the cost of roof repair or replacement can be huge. If you’re looking for an alternative, here are five benefits of waterproofing.

Cost savings

While a complete roof reconstruction is sometimes necessary, in many cases you can save money and fix water leakage by simply installing quality waterproofing. Even if your roof is in good condition, by installing waterproofing you can prevent any future damage and save money on maintenance costs.

Reduce humidity

Professional waterproofing completely seals your roof from water damage, while reducing humidity levels. This is essential on the Gold Coast, as the high levels of humidity can result in the growth of mould and mildew.

Improve energy efficiency

Waterproofing not only prevents water penetration, it also reflects heat and sunlight which will save you cooling costs during summer. Waterproofing can also act as a form of insulation during the winter months, providing you with a more consistent temperature inside your building all year round.

Quick and easy installation

Installing waterproofing takes about a third of the time to install than it does for a full roof replacement. Depending on your budget, roof condition and preferences, you can choose from a range of waterproofing solutions, including membrane waterproofing and liquid waterproofing.


Professional roof waterproofing has a very impressive lifespan with manufacturer’s warranties ranging between 7 to 15 years. Waterproofing provides an additional layer of protection on your roof, shielding your building from rain, wind and hail.
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